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I’m building a real social media platform


Democratizing the market for soft skills and mental well-being.

It should not be shameful to ask for payment for helping others. Many common individuals without a profession in certain mental or life science areas have outstanding knowledge gained through personal experience.

I want to give these people a platform where they can help individuals in need, those that have not gotten help elsewhere.


Imagine a woman, suffering from social anxiety, afraid pf going to the store to buy food, living on benefits and barely getting by.

The chance of her finding it comfortable to talk to a psychiatrist or even wanting to talk to a professional who hasn’t gone through the same phases is low.

How can we prevent her from getting depressed and shut out from society? Well, we would gather data based on her situation an connect her with a person who has struggeled with a similar situation and even won the mental illness in question.

The woman would gladly pay to talk to someone who truly understands, without having to pay 100€/h for a shrink or waiting for weeks or months to meet a government appointed specialist.

With this platform we could eventually save lives and give people meaning and a place make money by turning their struggles into strengths by helping others in need.

Someone is always going to make money off sick or weak people and while I’ve been through a lot of mental struggles on my own, I have never found help through educated professionals.

Many younger men also feel embarrased to admit to having problems and often have a hard time talking to friends or family about their struggles.

I think it is time for us to democratize the market for mental well-being so that the transactions go to people who have real world knowledge and the support is provided to those who need it the most.

What can you sell or exchange on the platform?

- Soft skills like speaking or thinking

- Selling hard skills for ex finding a job

- Selling recorded courses soft/hard

- Selling 1:1 mentoring

- Cohorts with 100+ attendees

How does Life Palace differ?

- Find like-minded peers through an algorithm by providing data

- Earn badges by taking courses

- Earn karma by helping others

- Connect experience with problem

- Earn from every view or live meeting

- Take part in open rooms or chats

- Teachers and students can have profiles and interact through dm or call

- Students can opt in to be anonymous

- No need to promote the platform to earn commission

- Take home 70% of what you charge

- No other skill marketplace has a community for live interactions

- No other platform focuses on sales of social, mental or other soft skills

- No other social platform has a sophisticated algorithm that will connect people together based on personality, soft skills and experiences INSTEAD of interests, high school, profession and city of residence

What topics are in focus?

Mental health, philosophy, anxiety, meditation, casual chat, anger management, frustration, trauma, loneliness, public speaking, fobia, concentration, depression, substance abuse, life crisis, overthinking, panic attacks, dealing with death, meaning of life, charisma, self image, friendships, romantic relationships, sexuality, family, immigration, bullying, discrimination, carreer change, digestion problems, skin problems, food and nutrition, fitness and gym, gambling, personal economy, dealing with sociopaths etc.

What kind of interactions or services?

Private live 1:1

- Specific topic chats

- Video calls

- Voice calls

- Meetings with white board

- Anonymous chat or voice

For bigger audiences

- Forum topic chats

- Pre recorded courses

- Topic cohorts for 10-50 people

- Large live seminars for top teachers hosting 1000+ attendees or more

- Starter packs or digital products

How does the Life Palace algorithm work?

People can choose what parameters and data to provide on the platform and toggle I/O for different categories when matching others.




Employed, Startup Founder, Unemployed, Freelancer, Entrepreneur


No code, Metaverae, Hair styling, Car service, Customer service, Marketing, Real estate, Nursing, Sales,


Therapeutic home cleaning, Home barista, Videography, Digital drawing, Car tuning, Problem solving, Psychology enthusiast, Tri-lingual, Amateur film editor, Content creator, Podcaster, Slalom Skier, Sailing, Motocross, Ballet, Music, Building Houses, Baking, Water lover, Space, Aerodynamics, Flight accidents, Motorcycle Rider,


Male, Female


Fragile, Passionate, Emotional, Risk-taking, Agressive, Vulnerable, Assertive, Joyful, Sad, Angry, Frustrated, Caring, Loving, Defensive, Defeated, Optimistic, Pessimistic, Selfish, Sarcastic, Heartless, Funny, Respectful, Restless, Insecure, Hypocritical, Hyperactive, Jealous, Lonely


Own house, financially free, wealthy, living with a dog, in a great relationship, living with a supportive parent, own car project, living by the sea, living carbon free, moved back with parents, learned to dive, live in a mansion, Cut my own hair, Karaoke host, Picking up trash in the street


Divorce, Anxiety, PTSD, Manic periods, Depression, Death of loved one, Burn out, OCD, Agression




Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube


Portfolio, Website, Podcast, VSCO Gallery,

What does the connected world of national and international social contact look like today?

The internet connects every person to one another through broadcasting or digital channels like email, whatsapp, telegram etc.

Social media is designed to form new connections and follow acquaintances locally and influencers worldwide.

The problem with this is that the is no way to find like-minded people that’s going to broaden your network, refresh your mind, learn from others and increase social interaction by having an incentive to stay in touch.

Instead the possibilities of social media today has made the world anti-social and introvert.

We have an abundance of platforms for public facades, Insta for the perfect life, LinkedIn for the perfect career, Twitter for the perfect idea and mind, Facebook for the perfect community, Pinterest for the perfect home and TikTok for the funniest shit out there.

There is no social platform where you can be yourself or ask for advice where everyone will be honest and helpful. No platform connects you with strangers with similar minds or allow for mutually beneficial transactional friendships.

No sane person would like to know and keep in contact with a stranger on the other side of the world unless that person can provide something of value.

We need incentives, purpose, value, a transaction of some kind.

Think, trading your knowledge & experience with someone who needs it to solve their personal problems & questions.

Influencers don’t solve problems, they create fake facades that deceive people into thinking they are not good enough for the world.

Let’s change that by connecting experience with those in dire need.


Find a mentor.

Solve mental issues.

Get aupport on personal struggles.

Find people with similar minds to bond with.

Provide value and get paid for your experience.

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